Basaveshwara Teaching & General Hospital, Kalaburagi

Attached to
M. R. Medical College


Department of Anesthesia

          The Department of Anesthesia has got twelve major and seven minor operation theatres which are equipped with most modern and sophisticated equipment necessary for the safe conduct of Anesthesia and surgical procedures in all the surgical allied departments. Liquid oxygen plant is a recent addition to its central oxygen storage and supply section.

The role of an Anaesthetist is not confined only to OT but also in investigate procedures along with radiology, endoscopies and also in patient care in Critical Care units of Cardiac, Nuerology, renal and General Medicine.

Our faculty and Post Graduates actively participate in all Academic activities including organising CME's with topics like Blocks using nerve stimulator, pain management and Labour analgesia, Trans thoracic Echocardiography.. Currently the Department admits 4 MD & 4 DA seats annually.

 Following are the Teaching Staff's of Anaesthesia Department :


Sl.No. Name of the Staff Members Qualification Designation Photos
01 Dr. K.S.R. Murthy MBBS, MD Professor & HOD Dr K S R Murthy 
02 Dr. M.N. Awati MBBS, MD,DA Professor Dr M N Awati 
03 Dr. Ravindra S. Giri MBBS, MD Professor  Dr Ravindra S Giri
04 Dr. Gajendra Singh MBBS, MD Associate Professor Dr Gajendra Singh 
05 Dr. Kakhandaki Srinivas MBBS,MD,DA Associate Professor Dr Kakhandaki Srinivas 
06 Dr. Gurulingappa A. Patil MBBS, MD Associate Professor Dr Gurulingappa A Patil 
07 Dr. Pratima Kamreddy MBBS, MD Associate Professor Dr Pratima Kamreddy 
08 Dr. Mohammed Yayha MBBS, MD Associate Professor  
09 Dr. Mohammed Mukram Iqbal MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Dr Mohammed Mukram Iqbal 
10 Dr. Nanda S. Nandyal MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Dr Nanda S Nandyal 
11 Dr. Vikas S. Joshi MBBS, MD Assistant Professor Dr Vikas S Joshi 
12 Dr. Gourishankar Reddy M MBBS, MD Assistant Professor  
13 Dr. Vidya J. Karande MBBS, DA Sr.Resident/Tutor Dr Vidya J Karande 
14 Dr. Anilkumar Pattan MBBS, DA Sr.Resident/Tutor Dr Anilkumar Pattan 
15 Dr. Sunita Veerdharampal MBBS, DA Sr.Resident/Tutor  
16 Dr. Rashmi MBBS, DA Sr.Resident/Tutor Dr Rashmi 
17 Dr. Sujata Harkud MBBS, DA Sr.Resident/Tutor  
18 Dr. Seema K. Tiwari MBBS, DA Sr.Resident/Tutor Dr Seema K Tiwari 
19 Dr. Santhoshlaxmi D MBBS, DA Sr. Resident/Tutor Dr Santoshlaxmi D 
20 Dr. Vinita Takkalki MBBS, MD Sr. Resident/Tutor Dr Vinita Takkalki