Basaveshwara Teaching & General Hospital, Kalaburagi

Attached to
M. R. Medical College


Central Laboratory

          The renovated and upgraded Central Laboratory was inaugurated on 10.02.2015 by Late Dr M.S.Rao, a Senior Physician and President of N V Society, Kalaburagi and Dr. M K Nagathan, a Senior Surgeon and former Vice-Principal of M.R.Medical College, Kalaburagi. It is proud to have such tech equipments to provide exact and quick laboratory reports, which will help the doctors to give better health care and effective management of the patients in the hospital.

          The laboratory section of this hospital is well equipped with the latest sophisticated equipments like Auto-analyzer, Semi auto analyzer to conduct routine blood and urine tests. Apart from this, Hemo-analyzer with 3 parts and 5 parts and polite analyzer are also available. The new testing technique machines like, Serum chemistry analyzer, Immunoassay analyzer and Blood gas analyzer are also added to the department.

          The complete automatic 5 part differential cell count machine is installed in Pathology department to give quick and exact reliable reports within short time enabling doctors to give proper and quick treatment of all patients. The Microbiology department is also upgraded replacing old manual testing procedures by completing Automatic Baetec and Vitek new machine to provide quick and exact reliable reports for providing effective and better care to the patients in the hospital.