Basaveshwara Teaching & General Hospital, Kalaburagi

Attached to
M. R. Medical College


Department of ENT


Dr.B.G.Jawali was first HOD of ENT department who later became the Principal & President of HKE Society for five times, the department was well equipped with microscope, rigid scopes available at those times ,during his tenure the 7th State ENT conference was organized. Postgraduate Diploma course started in 1981 and M.S. (ENT) course in 1982. The ENT department was run in Govt gen hospital Gulbarga attached to M. R. Medical college. 

Dr.T. A.Patil was HOD From 1982 to 1991, Equipments like Hanging motor Drill for ear surgeries, sound proof Audiometry room & Pure tone audiometer were added.

Dr.Vaijanath Karanje was the HOD from 1991 to 2002 . During his tenure along with attachment of Govt general hospital a separate ENT department was started at Basaveshwar hospital in the year 1995. Many new equipments like Carl Ziess microscope with teacing facility ,Micromotor drill, Micro laryngeal set, Rhinoplasty instruments, Nasal endoscopy, Oesophagoscopy , Bronchoscopy along with Audiological Room & services were added. Many workshops were conducted on ear and nose in his tenure.

Dr.Mallikarjun Reddy was the HOD from 2002 to 2010. During his tenure the ENT department at Govt general hospital was closed & completely shifted to Basaveshwar hospital in the year 2003.         Under his leadership in the year 2009 27th State level ENT conference & MRMC ENT Alumni meet was organized, which is very well remembered even today . Many workshops like Rhinoplasty, Microscopic ear surgery, FESS were conducted. Fully equipped Temporal bone lab was set up. Full set of Nasal endoscopic instruments along with camera, endoscopic and micro ear instruments, Stapedectomy sets were procured. Two PGs were awarded with gold medal from RGUHS in his tenure.

Dr.V.S.Patil was HOD From 2010 to 2013. In his tenure many CME’s/workshops on Sleep Apnea, Cadeveric FESS and endoscopic Tympanoplasty were conducted. Skull Base Surgery was started being jointly carried out along with Neurosurgeon. One staff won the Gold medal in Karnataka state conference in scientific paper presentation in the year 2011.

Dr.R.B.Chapparbandi was HOD From 2013 to 2014 workshop on cochlear implant and talk on ENT practice in UK and India was conducted.

Dr.C. B. Nandyal is heading the department from December 2014 till date. The department noticed lot of changes and many new equipments & facilities were added. Audio visual set up in operation theatre was updated by introducing c mount camera facility to microscope and nasal endoscope to demonstrate live surgeries to UG and PG students. Many new equipments like 3 chip HD camera with monitor with Recording Facility for nasal & Laryngeal endoscopy, latest micro ear, endoscopic Ear, nasal endoscopy, MLS video laryngoscopy instruments were added to the department.                       Neuro vestibular , Speech & Voice lab was renovated. One PG have taken gold medal from RGUHS & one won the 2nd prize for poster presentation at Karnataka state conference. Two guest lecture’s were conducted on Endoscopic Ear Surgery & an Hands on Temporal Bone Workshop was successfully organized training 12 delegates.


Presently we have 2 MS and 2 DLO admissions per year.


Theory class: As per RGUHS guidelines , all staff members engage theory classes & clinical postings .

Clinical Postings : 2 month clinical posting for each batch which includes OPD case demonstration, bedside clinics , case discussion , OT, Instruments & X ray teaching, Seminars & Tutorials.

Internal Assessment tests: Three Theory & Practical exams are conducted for each batch.


The department is well equipped department with the following facilities

OPD : 4 Cubicles with all the ENT OPD instruments, examination set up & one OPD Unit with all the endoscopes ,camera, TV monitor and necessary instruments.

Minor OT : Well equipped with all necessary equipments

Major Operation Theatre : Along with all the basic Ear Nose Throat instruments ,OT is Well equipped with latest equipments like Zeiss ear microscope with audiovisual connectivity , Storz nasal endoscopes , video micro laryngoscopy, rhinoplasty, Head & neck, Oesophagoscopy, Bronchoscopy, three chip HD camera with recording facility and connected to seminar room

Temporal Bone Lab with operating microscope, micro motor drill, temporal bone holder and micro ear instruments.

Audiometry Lab : Pure tone audiometry, Impedence audiometry, OAE, New born screening, BERA all done by a full time qualified audiologist.


Speech Therapy facility

Vestibular testing lab: ENG,EMG Facility

Seminar Room : Fully equipped AC with LCD projector & Audio visual Aids connected to the OT

Department Library: updated regularly by adding latest edition text books and journals

Clinical demonstration room beside OPD

Museum with specimens , slides ,charts, models.

Staff Details


Sl No Name of the Staff Members Qualification Designation Photo
01 Dr. Channabasavaraj Nandyal MBBS,MS

Prof & I/C HOD

Dr Channabasavara Nandyal 
02 Dr. R B Chapparbandi MBBS, MS


Dr R B Chapparbandi 
03 Dr. Mallikarjun S. Tegnoor MBBS, MS


Dr Mallikarjun Tegnoor 
04 Dr. Kiran A. Deshmukh MBBS, MS

Associate Professor

Dr Kiran A Deshmukh 
05 Dr. Chandrashekhar Tengli MBBS, D.L.O

Sr. Resident

Dr Chandrashekhar Tegnoor 
06 Dr Shruti M Kobal MBBS, MS

Senior Resident

Dr Shruti M Kobal 




Original Articles Published : 10

Gold Medals at Conferences:

Dr.C.B.Nandyal Three gold medals for scientific paper presentation in Karnataka state conference in 2012, 2015 & 2017.

Guest Lectures done at Conferences:

Dr.C.B.Nandyal Three Guest Lectures at Gulbarga, Bagalkot & Gadag Two in Karnataka state conference 29TH AOIKON 2009, 35TH AOIKON 2017 & One at IMA State conference 2017.

Dr. Kiran Deshmukh One Guest Lecture at IMA State conference 2017,Gadag




Post graduates toppers in RGUHS Exams:

Dr.Dinesh Singh  -    1 ST Rank , RGUHS in 2005

Dr.C.S.Tengli       -   1 ST Rank , RGUHS in 2007

Dr.Roselin Paul    -   1 ST Rank, RGUHS in 2016

Dr.Anusha Jetti   -    2 ND Rank to RGUHS in 2016


Post graduates Prize/ Medals at Conferences:

Dr.Vinayak Kurle- 2nd prize in poster presentation at 34thAOIKON 2017, Shivamogga, Karnataka.                                               


Two Karnataka state conference 7THAOIKSCON 1981 & 29THAOIKSCON 2009.


Sixteen Workshops by different Guest faculties were conducted on various topics in ENT Since 1991

1st HANDS-ON TEMPORAL BONE WORK SHOP was conducted in 2017 ,attended by 46 Delegates with 12 Hands on training in Cadaveric Temporal Bone Dissection.