Basaveshwara Teaching & General Hospital, Kalaburagi

Attached to
M. R. Medical College


Department of General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery is equipped with three major operation theatres and one in-casualty operating room, all of which are centrally air-conditioned with bacterial micro filters, centralized oxygen and vacuum facility.

Additional facilities in the OT include, Capnography, Inspiratory Oxygen Monitor,Pulse Oxymeter, Manly and Ohio Ventilators and Defibrillator ZOLLNTP continuous cardiac monitor and external pacing and CPU Ventilators.

Super Specialty services in Surgery include Pediatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Urology, Neurosurgery, Surgical Gastroenterology and Oncosurgery.

HKE Society under the dynamic administration of the President, Shri Shashil G.Namoshi, started Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery units. A separate, well equipped OT has been established for these super specialties. Dr.Melkundi.Sateesh Dr. Shashank Ramdurg, a consultant Neurosurgeon from AIIMS, New Delhi, is in-charge of this unit. Dr. Anilkumar S. M., consultant Plastic Surgeon from PGIMER, Chandigarh and Dr. Pavankumar Patil, Plastic Surgeon from KEM hospital, Mumbai are in-charge of the Burns Unit.

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Sl No  Name of the staff member Qualification Designation Photo
1 Dr. Umeshchandra D.G. MBBS, MS, Professor & HOD Dr Umeshchandra 
2 Dr. Sharanabasappa Harwal MBBS, MS, Professor

    Dr S R Harwal

3 Dr. S.M. Tanga MBBS, MS, Professor Dr S M Tanga 
4 Dr. V.S. Kappikeri MBBS, MS, Professor Dr V S Kappikeri 
5 Dr. S.S. Karbhari MBBS, MS, Professor Dr S S Karbari 
6 Dr. Rajshekhar Patil MBBS, MS, Professor  Dr Rajshekhar Patil
 7  Dr. Shanta B. Patil MBBS, MS,   Associate Professor
8 Dr. Suresh Y. Patil MBBS, MS, Associate Professor
9 Dr. Sanjeev M. Patil MBBS, MS, Assistant Professor  Dr Sanjeev M Patil
10 Dr. Nitin Kalaskar MBBS, MS, Assistant Professor Dr Nitin Kalaskar 
11 Dr. Basavanthrao C. Patil MBBS, MS, Assistant Professor Dr Basavanthrao Patil 
12 Dr. Sangameshwar Patil MBBS, MS, Assistant Professor  Dr Sangameshwar Patil
13 Dr. Sharanabasappa Gubbi MBBS, MS Asst. Prof
14 Dr. Jyoti Patil MBBS, MS Asst. Prof  
15 Dr. Vijaykumar Puranik  MBBS, MS  Asst. Prof  Dr Vijaykumar Puranik 
16 Dr. Rahul S. Harwal  MBBS  Senior Resident  Dr Rahul S Harwal 
17 Dr. Rohit Devni MBBS Sr. Resident  

Publication and Research 

  1. A comparative study of per cutaneous catheter drainage versus per cutaneous needle aspiration in treatment of liver abscess(Indian journal of basic and applied medical research sep 2015 vol4 issue 4)Dr.Umesh Chandra)
  2. Clinical study of obstructive jaundice at Basveshwar hospital Gulbarga( SAS Journal of surgery vol I Issue 3 (Dr.Umesh Chandra)
  3. Endoscopic sclerotherapy for esophageal varices as effective treatment modality (Dr.S.S Karbhari .,Dr.R.B Dhaded .,Dr Veeresh Hosmani )
  4. Transurethral resection versus trans vesical approach for BPH (Dr.S.S Karbhari .,Dr.R.B Dhaded.,Dr.Veeresh.,Dr.Nagnath )
  5. Study of limb complications of diabetes mellitus and their surgical management in rural population (Dr.S.S Karbhari.,Dr.RB Dhaded.,Dr.Jayabratha )
  6. Prognostic factors in Fournier’s gangrene( Dr.S.S Karbhari.,Dr.Akshay Kriplani.,Dr.RG.Devani )
  7. A Rare case of recurrent giant fibro adenoma (Dr.Shanta Patil.,Dr.Avinash.,Dr.Somshekar )
  8. Clinical study and management of peritonitis secondary to GI perforation(Dr.SS Karbhari.,Dr.Jyothi.,Dr.R G Devani )
  9. A Overview and management of small bowel perforation(Dr.SS Karbhari.,Dr.Veeresh.,Dr.RB Dhaded )
  10. An unusual presentation of liver laceration (Dr.RG Devani.,Dr.Shanta Patil.,Dr.Veerbhadra.,Dr.Gubbi.,Dr.Ankur )
  11. Case report of irreducible inguinal hernia in female with intra vaginal foreign body (Dr.Shanta patil )
  12. Case report of bilateral synchronous breast carcinoma A rare presentation(Dr.V.S Kappikeri.,Dr.Akshay0
  13. Article on Pediatric encephalocoeles ( Dr.Chandrahas.,Dr.Shashank )
  14. A Case report on deceiving fatality of acute necrotizing gastritis(Dr.Shanta Patil.,Dr.Akshay )
  15. A Case report on mesenteric cyst in young female patient(Dr.Halkai.,Dr.Suresh Patil.,Dr.Nithin kalaskar.,Dr.Jayabratha )
  16. Comparative study of early versus interval appendicectomy in cases if appendicular mass(Dr.RB Dhaded.,Dr.Chandrahas )
  17. Chronic Arsenic Poisoning Leading To Skin Malignancy In A Community-(Dr.SM Tanga.,Dr.Sanganna Kollur.,Dr.Vipin )
  18. Rare Etiologal Cause Of Skin Malignancy Affecting A Community(Dr.SM Tanga.,Dr.Sanganna Kollur.,Dr.Vipin )
  19. A Case Of Migrated Drain –Lessons Learnt-Dr.S.M Tanga.,Dr.Veerbhadra.,Dr.Suresh Patil)
  20. Better Management Of Anorectal Diseases By Using Trans Anal Ultrasound As A Diagnostic Tool(Dr.S.M Tanga.,Dr.Akshay Kriplani)
  21. Transanal Ultrasound –An Underrated Investigation Modality In Fistula In Ano-(Dr.S.M Tanga.,Dr.Akshay Kriplani)
  22. A Case Of Retroperitoneal Perforatin Of Ascending Colon In Blunt Trauma-(Dr.S.M Tanga.,Dr.Somsekhar.,Dr.Nithin kalaskar)
  23. Clinico Pathological Study Of Benign Breast Diseases(Dr.R.Anil.,Dr.Sukanya )
  24. DJ Stent:Forgotten For Fourteen Years(S.S Karbhari ., Dr.Akshay., Dr.R.B Dhaded)
  25. Iatrogenic Rectal Perforation Following Colonoscopy In A Case Of Sigmoid Volvulus-Dr.V.S Kappikeri
  26. Beingn Papilloma Of Kidney A Rare Case-Dr.Rajsekhar patil
  27. Symmetric Peripheral Gangrene And Falciform Malaria- Dr.Rajsekhar patil