Basaveshwara Teaching & General Hospital, Kalaburagi

Attached to
M. R. Medical College



Department of General Medicine

Medicine Department includes Cardiology Unit. It has an ultra modern Intensive Care Unit with all the beds equipped with bed side monitors, centralized oxygen and vacuum system, air conditioned with micro filters: arrhythmia Analyzer with computerized ECG facilities and ultra modern ZOLLNTP Continuous Cardiac Monitor and External pacing facility with installed CPU Ventilator. Internal pacing facilities are also available. Services provided by competent doctors and nurses complemented by ECG, ECHO, TMT, and Color Doppler facilities.

Patients are made to have an easy access to the super specialties of General Medicine which includes Neurology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology and Pulmonology.

Procedures like Upper GI Endoscopy, Lower GI Endoscopy (Colonoscopy), Bronchoscopy with Sclerotherapy and Biopsy are carried out.

 1) Equipments :


 01 TMT
 02 Echo Color Doppler 01
 03 ECG Machines  Yes
 04 Ventilator Machines  Yes
05 Defibrillator Yes
06 Infusion Pumps Yes
07 Central Oxygen Yes
08 Fiberoptic Endoscopy/Gastroscopy Colonoscopy Yes
09 MRI 1.5 Tesla 01
10 C.T.Scan 01
11 EMG machine 01


 Faculty Details :


Sl No Name of the Staff Members Designation                    Photo
01 Dr. Basavaraj Mangshetty Professor & Head of The Deparment Dr Basavaraj Mangshetty 
02 Dr. Suresh Harsoor                  Professor Dr Suresh Harsoor 
03 Dr. Bharat. Konin                  Professor Dr Bharat Konin 
04 Dr. Basawaraj Belli                  Professor Dr Basavaraj Belli 
05 Dr. Shoukat A.R.                  Associate Professor  Dr Shoukat A R
06 Dr. Murugesh Pastapur                  Associate Professor Dr Murugesh Pastapur 
07 Dr. Sangram Biradar                  Associate Professor Dr Sangram Biradar 
08 Dr. Basavaraj Patil Raikod                  Associate Professor Dr Basavaraj Patil Raikod 
09 Dr. Satish Kinagi                  Associate Professor Dr Satish Kinagi 
10 Dr. Anilkumar B.Patil                  Associate Professor Dr Anilkumar B Patil 
11 Dr. G.Channamma                  Assistant  Professor Dr G Channamma 
12 Dr.Manjunath Anakal                  Assistant  Professor Dr Manjunath Anakal 
13 Dr. K. Nagaraj                  Assistant  Professor Dr K Nagraj 
14 Dr. Abhishek Malipatil                  Assistant  Professor Dr Abhishek Malipatil 
15 Dr. Basavaraj G T                  Assistant  Professor Dr Basavaraj G T 
16 Dr.Vinay S Gubbi                  Senior Resident Dr Vinay Gubbi 
17 Dr.Swapna Patil                  Senior Resident Dr Swapna Patil 
18 Dr.Vishwanath Sajjanshetty.                  Senior Resident Dr Vishwanth Sajjanshetty