Basaveshwara Teaching & General Hospital, Kalaburagi

Attached to
M. R. Medical College


Department of Orthopedics

Orthopedics department consists of well-equipped OTs with additional facilities – C-ARM with image intensifier. It conducts surgeries like limb reconstruction, lengthening by Ilizarov’s technique, muscle and tendon surgeries for correction of deformities. The physiotherapy department is well equipped and our staff is trained in therapies like :Short wave diathermy; Cervical traction; Paraffin wax bath; Muscles stimulator; CPM exercise unit; Interferential current therapy; P.M.Machine; Ultrasonic therapy.

The department has conducted many CME’s, Seminars, Guest lectures, Workshops & Live Surgical demonstrations as part of CME’s. Theory classes, tutorials, histology practicals and dissection are conducted according to MCI norms. Seminars, Inter-departmental discussions & Orthopaedics Quiz competitions are held in regular basis. Students are assessed frequenty with Part completion tests & three internal assessment examination during one academic year. In addition Postgraduate students have weekly ser:ninars & Journal clubs. The Staff & PG’s of the department have presented and published many articles in journals and in state & National conferences.

Currently the department is headed by Dr.Pramod B Itagi. The department, infrastructure and instrumentations is updated keeping pace with the recent advances in the surgical techniques in Orthopaedics. This is to cater to the requirements of PG & UG teaching programs and the increasing needs of the people of this region.

 Department association:

      Our department is associated with Integrated PG Teaching with department like Neuro Surgery, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Oro-maxillo-facial surgery and all other medical branches.


Staff Details :                                                                                                                                        Click on the staff image for details:


Sl.No. Name of the Staff Members Qualification Designation Photo
01 Dr. Pramod B. Itagi MBBS, MS Professor & HOD  Dr Pramod B Itagi
02 Dr. Sanjeev Reddy MBBS,MD,D.Ortho Professor Dr Sanjeev Reddy 
03 Dr. Anand S. Garampalli MBBS, MS Associate Professor Dr Anand S Garampalli 
04 Dr. Loya Lava Kumar MBBS, MS Associate Professor  Dr Lavakumar Loya
05 Dr. Raju K.B. MBBS, MS Assistant Professor Dr Raju K B 
06 Dr. Nishant Panegaon MBBS, MS Assistant Professor  Dr Nishant Panegaon
07 Dr. Vinay B. Patil MBBS, MS Assistant Professor Dr Vinay B Patil 
08 Dr. Alok C Patil MBBS, MS Asst. Prof Dr Alok C Patil 
09 Dr. Amit Pawar MBBS, D.Ortho Sr. Resident Dr Amit Pawar 
10 Dr. Santosh V.S. MBBS, D.Ortho Sr. Resident Dr Santosh V S 
11 Dr. Shivaraj V C MBBS, Sr. Resident  


  1. Case presentations: Once a week
  2. Slide seminar: Once a week.
  3. Journal review: Once a week.
  4. Group Discussion (lnter-departmental): Every fortnight.
  5. Mortality Meets : As per requirement
  6. Guest lectures: 6-8 per year.
  7. Theory test on selected topic: Monthly. Practical test: Quarterly
  8. PGs are posted in different sections – Trauma (General trauma and Hand and Foot Surgery), Arthroplasty (Hip and Knee), Neuro Surgery, Plastic Surgey and Cold orthopaedics (including CTEV) and other departments on rotation. For advanced training in Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy, the PG students are posted to higher centres like Sparsh Hospital Bangalore, Sunshine Hospital Hyderabad, as per RGUHS regulations.
  9. We also have speciality clinics for – CTEV, Arthroplasty, Hand, Arthroscopy, Backache& Fracture Clinic on specified days.
  10. Logbook and day to day work diary is maintained by PGs and verified by the faculty members regularly and countersigned by HOD.
  11. The PG teaching program will be attended by all the PGs and teaching staff of the department.
  12. PGs are actively involved in undergraduate teaching program as a part of their curriculum.
  13. PG's must attend CMEs, Conferences and Workshops and they have to present a poster and a oral paper in State/ National conference
  14. Before appearing for the University exams they should publish atleast one article in indexed journals.