Basaveshwara Teaching & General Hospital, Kalaburagi

Attached to
M. R. Medical College


Department of Radiology

             Radiology Department is equipped with a brand new 1.5 Tesla MRI Machine of Philips Company which is the first of its kind in the entire Hyderabad Karnataka region. In order to provide prevention of Breast cancer in early stage a Mammography unit has also been installed and has commenced its services from 08. 01. 2012 onwards. It is a matter of great pride to have such equipment in this hospital to provide specialized services and quality healthcare to the poorest of the poor with minimum charges, especially to the needy patients and the women folk of the region.

             Other facilities available in the department are: C.T.Scan, Digital X-ray machine, USG Machine and 800 MA, 500 MA, 300 MA X-ray machines and portable X-ray machines.

 Two new Ultrasound Color Doppler machines of GE make models

  1.  LOGIQ P9 5641037 SI.No.294493
  2.  LOGIQ P5 Pro 5409559 SI.No.294456 Were added to the department in May 2015

Currently the department is functioning full fledged with all imaging modalities.


                      CT Scan Console                                               
                CT Scan Console           
                      MRI Console MRI Console
                      USG Machine USG Machine
                      MRI Machine MRI Machine
                        CT Scan Machine CT Scan Machine


 Staff Details :


Sl.No. Name of the Staff Members Qualification Designation Photo
01 Dr. Shivanand Melkundi MBBS, MD Professor & HOD Dr Shivanand Melkundi 
02 Dr. Suresh Masimade MBBS,MD,DMRD Professor Dr Suresh Masimade 
03 Dr. Shrishail Patil MBBS, MD Professor Dr Shrishail Patil 
04 Dr. Varnekar Sudhir G. MBBS, MD Associate Professor Dr Varnekar Sudhir G 
05 Dr. Shruti Patil MBBS, MD Associate Professor   
06 Dr. Veeresh Aland MBBS, MD Associate Professor Dr Veeresh Aland 
07 Dr. Jyoti Patil MBBS, DMRD Sr.Resident/Tutor Dr Jyothi Patil 
08 Dr. Nagaraj Bijapur MBBS, DMRD Sr.Resident/Tutor Dr Nagraj Bijapur 
09 Dr. Suchitra Durgi MBBS, DMRD Sr.Resident/Tutor Dr Suchitra Durgi 
10 Dr. Kshama.A.Aghore MBBS, DMRD Sr.Resident/Tutor Dr Kshama A Aghore 
11 Dr. Navin C MBBS, DMRD Sr.Resident/Tutor  




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  1. Role of diffusion weighted imaging & afferent diffusion co-afferent in various intracranial lesion

Dr.Govind Raju BT, Dr.Mahesh

  1. Role of MR & MRCP in evaluation of billary  & pancreatic lesions

Dr.Krishna chaitanyya Nunna, Dr.Girish

  1. High radiation Ultrasound and color Doppler imaging in scrotal lesions

Dr.sanjeev Chhabra

  1. Evaluation pott spine & its complications

Dr.Deepika K, Dr.Meghna Rathod

  1. Role of MR urography in diagnosis KUB lesions

Dr.Jitendrakumar Giri, Dr.Ananth

  1. Role of MR spectroscopy in evaluation neoplastic & non-neoplastic lesions of brain

Dr.Madhura Gavave    


  1. A rare case of chairi-3. Dr.Tanvi Choubey
  2. Aicardi syndrome. Dr.Madhura gavane
  3. Dorsal dermal sinus. Dr.Sankalp Agrawal, Dr.Santosh Kumar, Dr.Shrishail Patil
  4. Alveolar microlithiasis Dr.Girish
  5. Pregnancy in nodimenlry horn. Dr.Meghna Rathod
  6. A rare case of chivat chordorma. Dr.Srujani
  7. Osteogenesis imperfecta Dr.Revanesh N
  8. Psoaritic atthritis Dr.Divya Namoshi
  9. A rare case of aberrant retropharyngel internal carotid artery Dr.Tanvi Choubey
  10.  Von hippel lindau syndrome Dr.Apoorva Rampure, Dr.Shrishail Patil
  11.  Non hodgkins lymphoma arising from sphenoidal sinus: rare presentation in young adult. Dr.Jivanani Kapil, Dr.Hyder Goni, Dr.Iram Goni, Dr.Tayyaba Tahseen, Dr.Suresh.B.Masimade, Dr.Shivanand.S.Melkundi
  12.  Rare case of coexisting aneurysm of thoracic and abdominal aorta. Dr.Neha anand, Dr.Shivanand.S.Melkundi
  13.  Arnold chiari type -3 extremly rare of the chiari malformation. Dr.Ravi Raja Sankuri
  14.  Naso-ethmoidal encephalocele. Dr.Harish Sajjan
  15. A rare case of acute hemorrhagic encephalomyelitis.Dr.Jitendrakumar, Dr.Suresh Masimade, Dr.Shrishail.Patil
  16. Dark room equipments Dr.Rajashwari DO
  17. Torch infection. Dr.Hima Bindu
  18. Cortical vein thrombosis Dr.Anmol Modi
  19. Brain vasculature. Dr.Hyder Goni
  20. Construction of a diagnostic X-Ray tube. Dr.Binish Paul
  21. Pitutary a denoma. Dr. Roopa